7 jours

Werrason – 7 Jours de la semaine (2017)

By Admin, July 14, 2018

1. DJ
2. Diemba balançoire (Générique)
3. Nande
4. Zenga luketo
5. Nioka Mubi
6. Femme Modèle
7. Le baron des barons
8. Lokoso
9. Ali Mayimona
10. Se Na Se (Générique)
11. Malembe feat. Eddy Kenzo
12. Tina Te Eza Na Tina
13. Charge (Générique)
14. C’est mon jour
15. Eboka (Bangala)
16. Désolé
17. 520 Gigas JM
18. Mamu
19. Kizengi
20. Kelvis Nkoyi
21. L’ami des diamants

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  1. Daudi Ndambuki Maina says:

    We bought this 2-cd release online form eMusic. These mostly short trax and music style must be for Western audience (generation gap I guess). To old school Congolese music fans like us this release is out of tune. At least Werrason is keeping up with the times.

    Can someone please post catalogue number or UPC? The only info eMusic has is Werrason World as records label.

    Thanks in advance.

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